About us

Who are you guys?

We are Swedish.Works

We are a group of Swedish graphic artists, web makers, specialists and coders with many years of experience. We master WordPress, databases, coding, technology, SEO and graphic design.

We all have professional experience from services, manufacturing, trade and the public. This means that we can ask all the relevant questions and can understand your needs and wishes fairly quickly.

We cooperate in the projects as much as we are needed. We work from different places in the world and not from a fancy (and expensive) office downtown. No sales reps on commision either, So you do not pay for high overhead costs but only for what you and your website really need. Pretty smart, right?

We ask questions and listen

Anyone can sell. Convince and boast. “Empty barrels rattle most”.

We are a bit contrary. We have no salespeople, no agents or affiliates. And no project managers. And we’re quite proud of that.

Our customers are our best sellers. If they are satisfied, they recommend us to others. The things we do for them is our best marketing channel.

And you always talk to those who are going to do the job. So not with a seller who has his own commission in focus, instead of you.

We humans have been born with two ears and a mouth. It probably means then that we should listen twice as much as we talk. At least!

We ask questions and you give answers. We ask more questions and you give more answers. That’s how we work. Peel off everything like an onion until we know what you want.

The idea behind our website

We are not fans of knick-knacks. Therefore, you don’t see any animations, flashing text or expensive stock photos with “shiny happy people” in classy offices. We just love clean and honest communication. Maybe that is a Swedish thing? The message is important. And the result.

The site is available in two languages: Swedish.Works in English and Swedish.Design in Swedish. The blog is currently only in Swedish.

The site was built with WordPress, Divi, WPML and Divi Toolbox, supported by Yoast, WordFence and reCaptcha.

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We are a private company based in Hong Kong.

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