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An unconditional call

Either we meet over a coffee or we talk over the phone, Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp. We choose what suits you and us best.

You tell us what you want, we ask a lot of questions, you tell even more, etc. We focus on all aspects; your business, your goals, what your competitors are up to, project time frame and your budget.

Usually you will realize pretty quickly if we are the right partner for you. But sometimes we need to touch base again if you need something extra that requires a bit more research from us.

You always get a fixed price based on all you have told us. Of course you can add things and features, and what we offer for those extras will also be at fixed prices. So you always know what the project will come to.

A fixed price list is unfair for a client. Such suppliers have to put in a little extra to protect themselves, so there is a risk that you have to pay too much. That’s not how we work. We always quote from your wishes.

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