Frequently asked questions

How does your process work?

First, we ask questions about your business and your goals. Which customers you want to reach and your competition. Then we make a design proposal. After your ok, we build the rest. Then you approve our final result and the page is made public.

How soon can our new site be ready?

It depends on the size of your website and our work load. We normally build a landing page in 1-2 weeks, a larger site 3-4 weeks, while e-commerce usually require more time. The more content you have ready before we start creating, the faster it can be ready.

Will my new site work well on mobiles?

Yes, we develop using esponsive design. This means that your website design adapts and whether the visitor has a computer, a tablet or a phone, the design will always look good.

Is my new site searchable by Google?

Yes, all web sites we create can be seen and indexed by Google, but competition is fierce and to reach higher rankings in search results we can help you with long term SEO.

Can I change the content of the site myself?

Yes, we build with a well-known page builder that is flexible and allows what you need. It all depends on your prior knowledge, interest and what time you can set aside. Of course, we can help you.

I need web hosting and a domain name.

We can suggest suitable and optimal hosting for different types of web sites. E-commerce for instance requires more than a landing page. We advice clients to own domain and hosting themselves.

Can you take care of my website for me?

A web page is never “finished”. Everything that your site consists of requires daily care to protect your investment. If you wish, we can be responsible for this. Either by contract or via prepaid time bank.

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