Case studies

How do you do the things you do?

Short answer: We listen.

All clients are unique. They have different dreams, goals and visions.
All projects are therefore unique and we adapt to the client’s needs, conditions and budget.
Sometimes we do everything at once, sometimes it becomes a long-term collaboration that slowly grows.
We can’t list all the projects we have worked with, but here are some that show our way of thinking.
The common thing is that we are as involved in a simple site as in the larger project.


Elisefarm runs a golf course, restaurant, hotel and spa in the middle of Skåne. They had a cumbersome seat. Despite a creative spirit and high ambitions, their old website put obstacles on them. They had grown out of Typo3 and needed a new platform in order to evolve. WordPress with Divi offered just that.

If this project, the client created the content at their own pace. We made a new design inspired by their old site, though in a slightly more modern look and in a different color scheme. We made design elements for the site’s library for them to use, and new ones as they needed them.

The customer and we had close communication through Messenger for a couple of months as everything grew. A really fun job! was built using:

WordPress, Divi, WPML, Divi Toolbox, Divi Overlays, Instagram & Facebook-feeds from Smashballoon

Finspångs Brewery

Camilla has been running her Kombucha brewery since 2018. She sells her craft-brewed and beneficial drink in fairs, markets and through her own dealer network. A webshop in WooCommerce complements her business well. She offers home delivery to individuals, restaurants and companies.

She had already created a well thought-out graphic profile with good product images that we could work on, but it took a lot of collaboration to find the right style for the website. This succeeded well. But it would have to work under the hood also; making WooCommerce work with shipping, payment gateways and her ERP took some time to get right.

Camilla has now broadened her base buy selling deli items in a new retail space in Finspång. New kombuchas are in the pipeline and she sees a bright future. We are clearly happy with the cooperation.

Finspå was built with:

WordPress, Divi, WooCommerce, Fraktjakt, Swish from Redlight, Divi Toolbox, Instagram & Facebook feeds (Smashballoon)

Nyrups Nature Hotel

This is Sweden’s most unusual hostel. Awarded several years in a row and successful even outside the country’s borders.

There is no electricity, wifi or running water. The food is cooked slowly over open fire and with locally grown and produced ingredients. Combine your stay with adventures and wonderful hikes in the Scanian beech forests. This is also the given choice for a conference or kick-off.

The website would recreate the peace and harmony they offer their guests. The page retained the same colors and typography as their first site, but all similarities end there. The design grew after we received the content and the wonderful images. This is how we prefer to work: Study, think, ask relevant questions, listen and feel. It is always better that way. was built with:

WordPress, Divi, WPML, Divi Toolbox, Instagram feed from Smashballoon

A few other satisfied customers:

Aikido Sundsvall – ALMV – Aptitfabriken – A slice of Swedish Hospitality – Attention Media – Audionombemanning – Aussie Bar – Bergamasco – Brf Bokenäs – Brand New Balance – Bränno Kundaliniyoga – Buko Beach Resort – CB Språk – Cooper&Hunter – Costa Blanca Solhus – Cyclingswede – Dan Ulfskans Konst – DBT Sverige – Egmont – Elisefarm – Energi & Utbildning i Sverige – Ernsts Hus – eQuality Catering – Eslövs AI BTK – Esthetic Clinic – Exergy Consulting – FestivalWorlds – Flakab – Fimi – Finspångs Bryggeri – Fiskano – Freshcoast – Flevogold – Fotvårdsteamet – Fotograf Elin L _ Färgkonsult – Gassners Bilservice – Goodzell Sweden – Greencon – Halmstad Portmontage – HjärtaHem – Home is Kaapstad – Hälsokunskap – IH Capetown – IteachTEFL – Improvus – Innerstadens KBT – J Point Vilhelm AB – K-hotel – Klara Fysioterapi – Kommed/Kullarulla – Kullaleden – Laserow Coach – Liftkungen – LilaCloset – Lumenex – Lykkton – Mediform – MeetinSweden – Mitt Skåne Företagareförening – Mod&Mening – Mom of Sweden – Nyrups Naturhotell – Oscar Coach – Pingisfan – Phuket Beergarden – Phuket Fitness Hub – Radio Houtstok – Ridetours – Ringsjö Wärdshus – Robusta Äventyr – Rååpunkten Sjukgymnastik – Saffas in Siem Reap – Semio – Setec Power – SmartGolv – Sofia Malmqvist – SOF Sveriges Orkesterförbund – Tapajos – Teaching abroad Thailand – Tolpagorni – Travel Gate Sweden – Tratech – Travel Kaapstad – Wasa Förvaltning – Webshoplageret – Wellness Screening – Vintage Rentals – Wocki-Wocki – Wordonashirt – VeganTeen – Åstorps BTK – Örestrand – 8onEleven Nightclub

Would you like to contact a few of them for references?
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